FAQ list

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our program.


How do I join the Rommel Rewards Program?

Sign up at any Rommel Harley-Davidson dealerships at the Cashier or log on to http://www.rommelrewards.com/.     


Who are you going to share this information with?

The information received is the sole property of Rommel Harley-Davidson and will not be sold to any outside parties.   It will be used to send information regarding the Rommel Rewards program and other Rommel H-D information.


What is my Rommel Rewards ID?

Your ID is the number that is printed on the back of your Rommel Rewards card.


What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, please enter your Membership ID number on the Rommel Rewards home page under log in.  Click the PASSWORD HELP link.  Your password will be sent to the email address on file.


Do I need to enable cookies on my browser?

Yes.  Cookies need to be enabled on your browser for security while you are logged in.  It is not used to track you on any other site or URL.


Error messages occur when submitting enrollment information.  What do I do?

Parental controls enabled in the browser or anti-virus/internet security software are common causes for error messages since they block any information sent to a web site.  You may have to disable the software or allow the HomeCourt Advantage site to receive information.


When I click on the verification link nothing happens or I get a blank page.  What is wrong?

Some email clients will break the link onto two lines in the email, which will break the link.  You will have to reassemble the link onto one line, then copy and paste the entire link into your browsers URL section.  Note:  most verification links end with a ‘=” sign.


I did not receive my verification email and I have an AOL email address. What do I do?

Under AOL SPAM Settings, there is a section for “Control Who I Get Mail From.”  If you only allow mail from AOL members or from your Senders list, you cannot receive emails from the Rommel Rewards Program.  You must either set the controls to “Allow Mail From All Senders” or add the following email addresses to your senders list…





 How do I earn points?

Participants earn points by dollars spent at Rommel H-D's, designated events, and participating in interactive activities on the HomeCourt Advantage home page.


How do I redeem the points that I have earned?

Swipe your card at the instore kiosk the next time you visit any of our dealerships.   You will be able to choose and print your redemption vouchers.


What type of computer do I need to participate in the Rommel Rewards  program?

The rewards program will work on any PC connected to the Internet using either Internet Explorer 5.0 (or above) or Netscape 7 (or above).


I have a Macintosh computer and want to participate in the program.  What do I need?

The rewards program will work on any Mac connected to the Internet running Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox.